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Five Reasons to Grow Your Own 

Cost Savings: Commercially grown cannabis is expensive. This is not surprising when you consider the large overhead these corporations have. With a large amount of consumers finding it more costly to get good quality products at a fair price, they are resorting to growing within the comfort of their homes and saving a lot of money. 
Quality Control: Even with the quality control measures put in place, it is not a surprise to hear recalls on cannabis products Canada-wide. By placing all stages of growth and harvest within the hands of consumers, the worry of consuming cannabis which has been grown using genetically modified organisms or sprayed with harsh pesticides is eliminated. 
Homegrown tastes better: Many consumers have noticed that large scale grows often use synthetic nutrients and do not flush the plants correctly. This leaves the consumer with a product that will have a harsh taste when smoked. By placing the flushing, drying, and curing process in the hands of the consumer, they can assure this process is not rushed and done correctly.
Greater Variety: When you have your own garden, the possibilities of what you grow are endless! 
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Gardening is Good for the Soul: Many people claim that gardening helps them relax and manage stress. --- Fresh air and exercise, away from the daily stresses of work, expressing your creativity, a sense of accomplishment... the list is endless. Your newly found hobby is bound to add more enjoyment in your life!
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