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  • Did you receive my order & payment?
    1. If you received an emailed receipt then we have received your order. 2. If you have received an automated interac (e-transfer) email stating the funds have been deposited then we have received your payment. Your order will be cut within 12 hours of the payment being received.
  • When will my clones arive?
    Your clones will take up to 14 days to root and harden off. If you want clones as soon as possible, please email us to see exactly what we have rooted at the moment. Once rooted, the clones will take 1-3 business days to arrive via UPS shipping. You will get a tracking number before the order goes out. If it hasn't been 14 days yet, please be patient :)
  • Can I pay cash?
    Since we do not have a physical storefront location anymore, all orders need to be shipped and paid for in advance.
  • Is there local pickup?
    At the moment, all orders are shipped via UPS only. There are no local pickups.
  • What happens if they arrive dead or the package is lost?
    Our success rate has constantly been over 95% for several years straight. Of course, the odd occurrence happens where the plants do not make it. This is inevitable when working with an order that is sensitive to time, temperature conditions, and handling conditions by postal workers. If there is ever a damaged package simply send us a picture of the dead plants and we will promptly send out replacements. If the package is lost we will report it to UPS.
  • Does NLC offer wholesale / bulk discounts?
    Yes! Use the drop down menu to select your quantity range to receive a discount. For orders over 100 clones, reach out to us for the best possible pricing.
  • How do you ship clones?
    Clones are shipped in specialty designed packaging which holds the plants firmly in place. During the colder months, we use reptile heat packs to keep them warm.
  • Does NLC still sell equipment?
    Yes! We still offer equipment but only for mid-sized home grows and commercial grows. Call us for a list of products and services.
  • Does NLC ship to the USA?
    No, at the moment we only ship within Canada.
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