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Home Growers
Now that Canadians can grow 4 recreational cannabis plants per household (400+ per household with a medicinal license), many would love to grow their own products but have little knowledge on how to begin. Here at NLC, we walk all clients through their grow from A-Z. This ensures new growers have the best chance at having a successful harvest. The last thing a grower wants is to invest 2-4 months in a grow cycle only to have the harvest fail due to growing complications. We prevent this by having weekly phone/video calls where we can assess plants and give feedback. For local growers, we can also do site visits and provide hands on training. 

For the slightly more advanced growers, we put together a tailored approach to improving their overall growing abilities. With dozens of our grow students now working at large scale grows, we have a long track record of success on our resume. 

Common areas we help home growers succeed:
- Weekly photo/video call updates where we warn of any possible grow complications (Ex. nutrient burn/deficiencies, light burn, heat stress, signs of pests, etc.)
- Working on the basics. New growers shouldn't get ahead of themselves, growing can be easy if it isn't over complicated. A strong foundation is key to becoming a great grower. (Ex. When & how to water, nutrient feeding schedules, light distances, basic plant training to increase yields, etc.). 
- Custom grow room setups. We have seen many grows fail due to first timers not setting up their growing environment in a safe and optimal manner.
- How to dry and cure plants on a small scale. You can have the best seed to harvest grow cycle but if your plants get powdery mildew while drying it will drastically reduce its quality. 
- Rather than treat problems when they occur, we want to show you signs to look for so that we can prevent them from even happening.

Large scale (Micro Cultivation & Licensed Producers)

We currently provide dozens of large scale grows consulting to ensure they are operating in a manner which is focused on a constant improvement of sustainability, quality, profitability, and workflow efficiency. Our tailored approach ensures each grow environment is operating at its peak efficiency.  

Common areas we assist large scale grows:
- Equipment: we can still get ACMPR home grows and commercial grows equipment. Call us for pricing on what is needed.
- Increase of yields through plant training, proper plant nutrition, dialing in the environment, etc.). We typically increase the yields of our clients by 10-35%

- Improve harvests quality (Ex. taste and aromas)
- Prevent/eliminate harmful pests. Many growers overlook common ways in which pests can get into their grow room. Our tailored IPM program ensures that pests have the least amount of possibility of entering and thriving in the growing environment. 
- Risk management. Reduce the chances of theft, crop loss due to human error, fire hazards, harmful pests, etc. A lot can go wrong, let us prevent them from occurring.
- Drying and curing methods. Have you noticed that a lot of products out on the market are over dried? Don't be one of these organizations. 
- Custom grow room setups. Whether you are planning a grow for 50 plants or 5,000 plants we can help reduce the risk of common mistakes that occur during the planning & setup phase. 
- Genetic acquisitions. We have access to countless sources for fresh clones and high yielding seeds. 
- Licenses (Micro cultivation, and LP)

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