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This strain was originally brought in as an elite. As a thank you to all the growers that support us, it is being offered at the premium level!


If you would like to receive your order as quickly as possible, please reach out to us to see what is rooted at any exact moment. All other orders are ready within 2 weeks of ordering. If it has not been 14 days yet, please be patient as we need to ensure they are fully rooted and hardened off :)


All of our clones come fully rooted in starter cubes which are watered in a nutrient rich solution (300ppm from RO) to ensure they don’t dry out during shipping. The containers are specifically designed for shipping plants and ensure they arrive safely. During the colder months, clones are shipped with reptile heat packs. 


Lineage: Grape Gas #10 x OGKB Blueberry Headband


Variety: Indica dominant (70/30)


Flowering Type: Photoperiod


Sex: Female


THC: 25-30%


CBD Range: Under 1%


Flowering Time: 60-70 days


Effect: The grape and blueberry notes give it a relaxing and calming effect, while the gas and earthy undertones provide a subtle burst of energy and euphoria. This makes it an ideal choice for any time of day. 


Flavour: Loud! The terpene profile is dominated by deep grape tones reminiscent of sweet cough syrup with a bit of fuel notes on the backside.

Glitter Bomb (Compound Genetics)

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