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RARE. This strain will not be up for long...


"Cap Junky is an extremely potent, pungent cannabis strain crossing Alien Cookies x Kush Mints #11. The cultivar is a collaborative project between two of the most important modern breeders, Capulator and Seed Junky Genetics. Seed Junky sold Cap Junky clones for $1,000 each in 2021". (Cookies co., 2023)


Limited to 1 clone per order but we will ship 2 fully rooted cuts for you to mother out. Once our mothers are large enough, we will open up additional clones for a flat rate of $15ea.


All of our clones come fully rooted in starter cubes which are watered in a nutrient rich solution (300ppm from RO) to ensure they don’t dry out during shipping. The containers are specifically designed for shipping plants and ensure they arrive safely. During the colder months, clones are shipped with reptile heat packs. 


Lineage: Alien Cookies X Kush Mints 11


Variety: Indica dominant (60/40)


Flowering Type: Photoperiod


Sex: Female


THC: 25-28%


CBD Range: Under 1%


Flowering Time: 60-70 days


Effect: Cap Junky is said to be great for treating a variety of conditions including depression, mood swings, and muscle soreness. 


Flavour: Diesel and skunky. Undertones of sour fruit.

Cap Junky (Capulator/Seed Junky)

C$400.00 Regular Price
C$325.00Sale Price
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