We now offer our customers gifted clones with our consulting services. Please read the PDF document for more info. To order, fill out the Order Form listed below. 

Benefits of starting from a clone:

- You can rest assured knowing all of your plants will be female. This saves you from the risk of spending several weeks only to find out that your plant is a male and will not produce buds.

-- Starting from clone saves you time as the plant is already rooted and well established. There is no need to wait for seeds to germinate and pop more seeds when some do not sprout. 

- If you plant seeds of the same strain, you’ll likely end up with plants with slight differences, affecting everything from their size to the effects/potency of their fruit. Of course for some this is what growing is all about; finding that hidden gem in all those different phenotypes. However, sometimes you just want a garden with strong and uniform plants. This ensures the lights aren't too close to the plants that are much taller than others even though they're the same age. 

Gifted Clones Order Form

Please fill out the above form for consulting questions. Gifted clones can be picked up at Weston & Lawrence, York or shipped out to you at a flat rate. Please remember to indicate if you will be picking them up or need them shipped. 

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