Technaflora MagiCal (1L)

Technaflora - MagiCal is a highly enriched formulated blend of magnesium, calcium and iron that promotes vigorous and healthy plant growth for both soil and soilless gardens. Incorporated in your regular feeding program MagiCal increases flower bud absorption and improves the nutritional quality of plants while correcting nutrient related plant deficiencies such as grape stem rot, grass tetany, tip burn in lettuce, blackheart in celery, blossom end rot in tomato or watermelon, and bitter pit in apple. Completely soluble and clear of any sediment, MagiCal will mix with ease into any solution providing an instantly available source of required nutrients.


• A highly enriched formulation of magnesium, calcium, and iron 
• Promotes vigorous and healthy plant growth
• Corrects nutrient deficiencies such as: tip burn, stem rot, blackheart, blossom end rot 

Technaflora MagiCal (1L)


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