Stratiolaelaps scimitus / Hypoaspis miles

Stratiolaelaps scimitus (Ss) is a tiny (0.5 mm) light-brown mite that naturally inhabits the top 1/2" layer of soil where pest are present. The female Ss lay their eggs in the soil, which hatch in 1-2 days, and the nymphs and adults feed on the soil-dwelling pests. Populations of Ss include both sexes, but the males are much smaller and rarely seen.

Each Ss mite will consume 1 to 5 prey or eggs per day. They survive by feeding on algae or plant debris when insects are not available. Their entire life cycle is 7-11 days.


Pests they control

Fungus gnats (primarily), Cricket Mite, Sancassania mite, Snake mite, Ophionyssus natricis, Bradysia species, Etc.



1L = 25,000 mites

1000 mites covers 4 to 10m2 (43 to 108 sq ft.)


25,000 mites cover 100 to 250m2 (1076 to 2691 sq ft.)


Best suited for outdoor release


Beneficial insects are not kept within the store. All orders of beneficial insects must be placed online or in store one (1) week before delivery/pickup within store. We ship all insects Canada-wide.

Stratiolaelaps scimitus / Hypoaspis miles


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