NLC 315w CMH System

CMH grow lights have the best HID grow lamp technology available on the market right now. Also known as LEC grow lights, they have the best PAR spectrum of any HID lamp, the slowest degradation rate (bulbs last nearly twice as long), and they’re also at least 10% more efficient than other HID lamps. 


Right off the bat, once you turn on a CMH bulb at either 3,000k or 4,000k, you’ll notice a more natural looking light spectrum. No strong orange and yellow hues like an HPS bulb, or the bright white and subtle blues from a Metal Halide. CMH lamps provide the closest spectrum to natural sunlight.


  • High reflective grade aluminum (98%) to ensure the most light is distributed down to the plant canopy below
  • PGZ18 socket - 120-240V 
  • Low frequency square wave technology
  • High efficiency, lower energy consumption
  • Sleek design saves space for flexible utilization
  • 4x4 coverage area
  • Runs cooler than HPS and MH bulbs
  • Provides a better spectrum than HPS and MH bulbs
  • Long 16'5" power cord for flexible positioning
  • 315w ceramic metal halide bulbs sold seperately
  • 2 year warranty

NLC 315w CMH System


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