All of our clones come fully rooted in rockwool cubes which are wrapped in a nutrient rich solution (300ppm from RO) to ensure they don’t dry out during shipping. The containers they are packaged in has three holes for fresh air and is built out of a thick plastic which protects the fragile plants. During the colder months, clones are shipped with reptile heat packs.


If you would like to receive your order as quickly as possible, please reach out to us to see what is rooted at any exact moment. All other orders are ready within 2 weeks of ordering. 


Lineage: Dos-si-dos x Mendo Breath


Variety: Hybrid 


Flowering Type: Photoperiod


Sex: Female


THC: 18-24%


CBD Range: Under 1%


Yield: Up to 400-500g/m2


Flowering Time: 60-70 days


Effect: Brings the user into a deep quality state of relaxation


Flavour: Has a unique nutty and earthy terpene profile



Please Note: For quantity, your Total Clone order has to be within the quantity selected. You do not need to order 7+ of each individual strain to get the discount. Simply apply the total quantity discount amount to all strains. Ex. You can order (4) of one strain and (3) of another and select “7-25” on both. This way, the discount is applied to all clones.

Gifted Clone - Peanut Butter Breath