Dakine 420 Bio Minerals

It’s a well-known fact, by those in the know, that beneficial bacteria are essential for optimal mineral uptake by plants. Bio Minerals combines the highest quality mineral nutrients with the best blend of bacteria to deliver them. Like Michael Jordan bringing the ball to the hoop, Bio Minerals is a soil inoculant slam dunk!


Dakine 420 packs this product with various strains of bacillus bacteria at 1 billion CFU (colony-forming units) per gram—one of the most highly concentrated mineral-based bacteria blends on the market!


Dakine 420's Mad Scientist builds this mineral MVP with trace elements and ancient fossilized bacteria taken from the ground at over 170 degrees. His own custom-cultured bacteria communities give the assist with billions of players and no bench warmers.


Add Bio Minerals to your next grow and score big!


General Directions

  • To be used as a topical amendment for grow mediums promoting explosive root production.


  • Sprinkle at least 5 grams of Bio Minerals per gallon of pot size directly on top of grow medium and gently blend into top layers of medium.


  • Bio Minerals can also be mixed with water and poured directly into container but is not recommended for reservoirs because of its non-soluble characteristics.


  • For Example: A 10 gallon pot would require 50 grams of Bio Minerals.


  • Use a single application every time transplanting to a larger pot size.

Dakine 420 Bio Minerals


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