CMH 3 x 3 Grow Kit

Here at Nine Leaf Clover, we understand that setting up your first grow may seem like a daunting task. To combat this, we've put together a grow kit which will help you get your first grow started. This kit is ideal for a small to mid size bedroom or condo. 


CMH grow lights have the best HID grow lamp technology available on the market right now. Also known as LEC grow lights, they have the best PAR spectrum of any HID lamp, the slowest degradation rate (bulbs last nearly twice as long), and they’re also at least 10% more efficient than other HID lamps. 


Right off the bat, once you turn on a CMH bulb at either 3,000k or 4,000k, you’ll notice a more natural looking light spectrum. No strong orange and yellow hues like an HPS bulb, or the bright white and subtle blues from a Metal Halide. CMH lamps provide the closest spectrum to natural sunlight.


Our CMH 3' x 3' grow kit includes the following:


(1) NLC 315w CMH System

(1) 315w Par-Gro CMH Lamp - 3100k (Best for flowering)

(1) 315w Par-Gro CMH Lamp - 4200k (Best for vegetative growth)

(1) Viparspectra 600D Grow Tent (36" x 36" x 72") OR Premium 1680D Grow Tent - 36" (W) x 36" (L) x 81" (H) (Premium tents are 100% light-proof and come with a 1ft height extension kit. This allows a total height of 7' 11")

(1) Premium 4 inch Inline Fan

(1) 4 Inch Carbon Filter

(1) 4 Inch Non-insulated Air Duct

(1) Variable Fan Speed Controller

(2) Adjustable Ratchet Hangers

(2) Velcro Carbon Filter Straps

(1) Large Display Digital Hygrometer

(4) Fabric Pot With Handles (5 Gallon)

(1) 7-day Dual Outlet Digital Timer

(1) Aluminum Duct Tape


More info such as specs and warranties can be found on each products page.

CMH 3 x 3 Grow Kit


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