Beneficial Nematodes

Latin name:


Steinernema feltia


Pests they control: 


Nematodes are a natural microscopic parasites. They feed on over 200 soil-dwelling pests from up to 100 insect families.


Beneficial nematodes control fungus gnats, black vine weevils, mushroom flies, craneflies, sciarid larvae, thrip and other pest larva in the soil.



In gel formulation that will store well for 2 months in refrigeration.

Optimal conditions:


15-20C (59-68F). Nems become inactive at temperatures below 10C (50F) or above 30C (86F)


Release rate:


5 million covers 5 m. sq. (53 ft. sq.), 50 million covers 50 m. sq. (538 ft. sq.)and 250 million covers 250 m. sq. (2690 ft. sq.).


Beneficial insects are not kept within the store. All orders of beneficial insects must be placed online or in store one (1) week before delivery/pickup within store. We ship all insects Canada-wide. 

Beneficial Nematodes


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