Adult Ladybugs

Latin name:


Hippodamia convergens


Pests they control:


Adult ladybugs and their larvae help rid your garden of aphids, asparagus beetle larvae, lace bugs, mealybugs, scale, spider mites, whiteflies, thrips, and eggs of several other insects.


A single ladybug can consume up to 5000 aphids in its brief lifetime.


Release rate:

  • 1000 Ladybugs covers 50m2. (550ft2)

  • 4,500 covers 275m2 (3,000ft2)

  • 9,000 covers 600m2(6,500ft2)

  • 18,000 covers 1,400m2 (15,000ft2)

  • Must be refrigerated until released


Beneficial insects are not kept within the store. All orders of beneficial insects must be placed online or in store one (1) week before delivery/pickup within store. We ship all insects Canada-wide. 

Adult Ladybugs


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