Adult Brown Lacewings

Lacewings have been used successfully for years in the greenhouse industry. We are pleased to introduce a commercially produced brown lacewing, Micromus variegatus.


The adults are typically 6 to 12 mm long and are mostly brown or blackish in colour with brown patchy wings. The larvae are elongate and small-headed. This lacewing is found naturally in wooded areas throughout North America. Both adult and larvae feed primary on aphids, mealybug, thrips, leafhoppers, and mites. 


Unlike most green lacewings, brown lacewings are predatory at all mobile stages ot their live-cycle. In fact, it is the adult that does most of the predation, usually at night.




Adults in bottle.


Optimal conditions:


4-27oC (39-80oF). Egg laying require 13oC (55oF).

Release rate:


1 per m sq (10 ft sq) or 100 per hotspot every 2 weeks.


Beneficial insects are not kept within the store. All orders of beneficial insects must be placed online or in store one (1) week before delivery/pickup within store. We ship all insects Canada-wide. 

Adult Brown Lacewings


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